Penguin Parade, this is what Philip Island is famously known for.  People throng to the Island beach for the Sun to set.  All eyes are glued to the waves hitting the sands of the beach and wow from the sea as if it is a designated ritual, the small penguins start appearing as dots in the beginning and lo they appear striving hard to walk at a leisurely pace towards the people.  This happens every day and its nature’s wonder how these penguins remember their nests and Burroughs.  We respect their ritual and their habitat.  No documentation of this ritual is allowed.

Phillip Island, a popular day trip from Melbourne, lies just off Australia’s southern coast. At Summer land Beach, spectators gather daily at sunset to watch the Penguin Parade, when Little penguins come ashore in groups. The Nobbies outcrop is the viewing site for Seal Rocks, home to a large colony of Australian fur seals. The Phillip Island Circuit is a well-known track for motorcycle and car racing.

As the Sun sets, the beach starts to become a artist’s canvas.  The colours jump out of no where.  This I could capture in my camera.





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