Located approximately 60 kms from Hobart, is named after George Arthur, the Lieutenant Governor.   It took me just about 90 minutes to drive from Hobart.  All the way it was very scenic with straight road and hardly any traffic.

What is Port Arthur?

The settlement started as a timber station in 1830.  But this place is better known for being a penal colony.  In India we have a similar settlement on the island of Andamans.  It is well known as kaala pani (black water) where the political prisoners were sent to the infamous cellular jails for life.

Port Arthur received the most hardest of British criminals from 1833 until 1853.

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The Island of the Dead where the dead prisoners were buried and none of their graves were marked.  Out of 1646 graves recorded to exist, only 180 belonging to the prison staff and military personnel are marked.



Today, The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has declared Port Arthur site as the World Heritage Site.

Port Arthur is one of the Australia’s best known historical sites receiving over 2,50,000 tourists every year.  As per the 2016 census, Port Arthur had a population of 1049.




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